Screens & Shades

Give your outdoor environment the extra added protection and reliability with our exterior screens and shading system. We work closely with our suppliers and manufacturing companies located locally in Toronto, Ontario, to ensure that your exterior screens are made to fit your specifications and outdoor environment goals.


Insect Screens

Our motorized Insect Screens will allow you to enjoy your indoor to outdoor living space from Spring to Fall.

These Insect Screen systems provide the ideal vertical screen solution for oversized openings, including covered patios, telescoping walls, and large picture windows up to a width of 24 feet. The Screens can also be applied to vertical windproof roller blinds.

These screen systems are motorized and fully customizable for operation use through handheld remotes, or wall-mounted controls.

Door Screens

We offer a range of different manual door screens for your home. These screens are available in white or black, as well as a variety of fabric options that offer different functionalities.

Large Centor Screens

Centor Screens work to screen in large openings between indoor and outdoor living spaces, as well as large window and door openings. Easily move in and out of your living spaces while also having the functionality and benefits these screens offer.

smart shades

Smart shades, also known as motorized or automated shades, are window coverings equipped with technology that allows them to be controlled remotely or automatically. Enhance your indoor environment with the precision and elegance of Lutron Smart Shades. Harnessing the cutting-edge technology and meticulous design of Lutron, our smart shading solutions offer unparalleled simplicity, intelligence, and customization to transform your space.

Experience seamless light control with Quinte Home Solutions’ Lutron Smart Shades. Easily adjust sunlight with intuitive controls, using remotes, keypads, and the Lutron app for glare reduction and privacy. Seamlessly integrate with Lutron lighting systems for unified environmental control, ensuring precise alignment and lasting performance.

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