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Sonance Outdoor Speakers

Great sounding audio that people will actually hear.

Sonnarray SR1 System

Beautifully hidden.

Sonance Extreme Series

Motorized solutions for your space. Insect screens that keep the bugs out.

Landscape & Garden Speakers

The SONARRAY SR1 SYSTEM raises the bar on outdoor audio entertainment. Featuring eight 3.5” satellite speakers that are evenly distributed in an array along the perimeter of the outdoor space, along with an 8” dual voice coil in-ground subwoofer with a canopy that is hidden under foliage, the Sonarray SR1 System can stand complete on its own.

Outdoor Audio Speaker
Sonarray outdoor speaker

Similar to the indoor speakers, outdoor audio solutions can be customized to for spaces that require unique/more coverage. Easilty expand the Sonarray outdoor audio system up to sixteen speakers and two subwoofers on a single Sonance SR 2-125 amplifier. Expanding this outdoor speaker system is easy and flexible. Results are incredible sonic performance, as well as sensitivity throughout the space, eliminating dead zones and hot spots as well as reducing any disturbance to your neighbours.Outdoor audio distribution

Visit Sonance’s outdoor speaker system at their website, here for more detailed information on the products.

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SR1 system SR2 125 Amplifier

SR1 System with SR 2-125 Amplifier

SR1 system

SR1 System

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SR1 SAT 4-Pack



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