Window Coverings

Let us help you with your next project! Quinte Home Solutions is here to help you plan, design, and install window coverings for your home. You can be at ease knowing that your Quinte Home Solution team will be able to provide you with custom window and integration solutions.

Quinte Home Solutions offers a variety of window coverings and operating systems. What makes our service unique? We can provide our clients with window solutions such as lower AC costs, to A-Frame, and Vaulted Ceiling windows. We work closely with our suppliers and manufacturing companies located locally in Toronto, Ontario, to ensure that your window coverings are made to fit your specifications and goals.

Custom Window Coverings

Custom Motorized Sunshades

Extend your outdoor living space with custom exterior screens, fit to make your outdoor living space more comfortable and enjoyable. These motorized screens are designed to fit any porch or patio, giving users the ability to prolong their outdoor living seasons, while staying protected from insects, sun damage, UV rays, harsh winds, etc. They will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space at any time of day.

Motorized Skylights

Have complete control over daylight at any angle with our motorized skylight systems. Helping you create and maintain comfortable living temperatures, and light availability in a variety of styles and fabrics.

A Frame

All of our A-Frame and architectural window coverings are custom-made to fit windows of all shapes and sizes. These window coverings are available in motorized and bottom-up systems and a variety of fabrics that will complement your living space in design and functionality.

Specialty Blind Configurations

Custom crafted to fit your windows to perfection. They are available in a variety of motorized and manual options, as well as fabrics designed to benefit living styles and home functionality. We design systems for Solariums, Atriums, A-Frame, Triangular, Octagonal, Circular, Arch-shaped applications, and many more.

Whether you are looking to protect your furniture from UV rays, decrease sunlight in your entertainment room, reduce solar gain, or keep the heat inside during the cooler months, we can design a system to meet your different needs!


Drapery Systems

Draperies add distinction and design to any living space. Image no longer needing to pull on heavy, hard-to-move drapes.

With new technologies and performance fabrics, drapery can become an enjoyable accent to your home. Paired with window coverings, your drapes and window treatments can work together to provide desired functions.

Available in manual or motorized operation. All motorized draperies can seamlessly be integrated with Home Automation systems and controls.


Sun Screens

Sun Screens, or as some refer to them as Sun Shades, are for sun and glare control. They can be made from traditional fabric, new ECO-Friendly fabrics, or privacy fabrics. Our Sun Screens can protect interior furnishing, flooring, and artwork from harmful UV rays. Some fabrics are even specifically designed to reduce solar gain, lowering the cost of AC in the warmer months.

All of our motorized sunscreens can be automated according to the amount of sunlight you would like in any room. Or simply use a handheld remote from the convenience of your couch or bed, to lower or raise the sunscreens to your desired liking.


Image Shading

Our custom-created image shading is ideal for promoting your business spaces while also maintaining the ability to have privacy and sunlight control in open areas.

Image Shading can be done using pictures and designs of your choice. There are different fabric, operation, and style options available. Different Styles include roller shades or panel options, as well as wallpaper.

Cellular & Pleated Shades

Cellular and Pleated shades can add a different style to your home, helping to create textures and add a different light-filtering appearance. They also help to offset your energy bill, reduce outside noise, and reduce up to 75% of harmful UV rays due to their unique configuration. Both styles are available in various colours, fabrics, and finishes, including manual and motorized operations. As well as different operating directions like top-down, bottom-up, or a combination of both.


California Style Shutters

Custom shutters add a classic look to any room, home, or cottage. They provide privacy, security, and protection from damaging UV rays to furniture, flooring, and art. UV rays are damaging because they cause fading and deterioration of objects, however with our shutters, we can provide up to 99% protection from UV rays when the shutters are fully closed.

The term “California shutter” refers to the elegant and straightforward design of plantation shutters. Our custom shutters are offered in hardwood or vinyl and can be stained or made to a custom colour.

Why Quinte Home Solutions?


Our window treatments are equipped with a leading motor and manual technologies to provide our customers, and their lifestyles, with a solution that fits them. New motorized solutions that can be controlled from your phone, Google Home, or Alexa, and manual solutions that provide different chainless and performance options.


With over a decade of experience working on builds at all different stages, Quinte Home Solutions has a level of expertise unlike any other. We offer detailed insight for every project and ensure appropriate measures are taken for a successful job. We understand the depth and detail necessary to execute custom solutions, and we take pride in our ability to become fully involved in every project we are a part of.

Customer Service

We value and respect our customers and their home. We are eager to help our customers with questions and walk through our process with them closely. We are excited to be a part of your window covering journey and we look forward to making your window covering dreams a realiting.

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