Interior Lighting

We have found that many people find themselves confused, misguided or just not informed about interior lighting.

Are you designing a new space or renovating an existing one? Now is the time to consider you options for interior lighting.

We would like to help you when it comes to ensuring that your spaces throughout your home are properly illuminated. We can provide a complete solution for accent lighting, interior lighting and workspace lighting.

Most of the solutions that we provide incorporate LED technology. With a broad product line to draw from we can provide a LED solution for any space in or out of your home be it an art studio, kitchen cabinet lighting or even interior lighting for your boat we can help.

The time to think about proper illumination is in the initial planning phase of the home build or renovation. Don’t find yourself in the “should have thought of that” situation. Allow us to help in choosing the correct style, type and locations of light for your space. We are able to work with an electrician to ensure that your spaces are illuminated and pre-wired properly.
Incorporate smart switches in your new home build or renovation to reduce the number of switches and multi gang boxes. Create lighting scenes that allow the control of multiple fixtures at once using one button. Smart switches do not require a central controller to function, this means that they always work and do not depend on a controller to function. Smart light switches can then be added to Home Automation at any time allowing for more advanced control. Have the lights turn on and off automatically by the amount of sunlight available. Have the lights turn on and off by detection of motion or based on the time of day. Even control your lights using a smart device such as an iPhone or Android based smart device.

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Our state of the art speakers can be installed in your wall or ceilings and can even be made completely invisible without losing the rich quality of sound you’ve come to expect from QHS!


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