Deck Restoration and Home Automation

D&J Socha

Deck Restoration

The client asked us about the possibility of trying to fix an existing Ipe (Brazilian Hardwood) deck that unfortunately was only a few years old and was far beyond safe for the family to use.  The existing deck was not sloped correctly and the water sat and collected and then cupped the very expensive decking material.  We are able to carefully remove the damaged material.  It was then dried  and processed.    We then sloped the deck properly and placed a waterproof membrane on the plywood substrate that would then accept sleepers for a proper air space between the Ipe deck and the membrane.  We were able to supply a matching new Ipe decking to fill in the remainder of the deck to produce a seamless transition from original to new decking material.

Custom Home Automation

Being interested in home automation is where the clients started.  After a demonstration as to what possibilities were available in home automation they were on board for everything. A complete integrated system from whole house audio/video and entertainment systems to controlling the custom fitted roller blinds.  This house has it all.  Automatically controlled lighting systems, alarm system, surveillance systems and automatic door locks, the house was fitted and then programmed.  Anything that happens in the home is reported back to the owners through text messages and emails.

What they had to say…

The ability to know when someone unlocks a door is an amazing feature for 2 working parents.

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